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Maker prints the entire GTA V map using its own 3D printer

Product designer Dom Riccoben invested more than 400 hours in his latest project to recreate the Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) card with his 3D printer. For this purpose, 24 single and highly detailed tiles were designed and produced using a standard FFF 3D printer. The result is a great replica of the GTA 5 game world.


Product designer Dom Rekobin Invest over 400 hours in a project to create a miniature physical replica of the entire Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) card using 3D printer To be manufactured. The card was produced in a series of 24 individual pieces using a Prusa i3 MK3 FFF 3D printer before being put together in its final form.

Riccoben is known for this kind of work, because he often uses real data in his daily life to recreate sites as true “data sculptures.” This time he chose replicas of virtual video game worlds and called them the most entertaining and technically demanding project he’s ever worked on.

Los Santos from the 3D printer: this is how the project went

Los Santos International Airport as a 3D-printed tile
The map is printed from many individual squares, such as Los Santos International Airport here (Photo © Dom Riccoben).

Open world free roaming game cards are something special these days. Rockstar Games, the developer of GTA, is known for filling urban and rural landscapes in games with realistic architecture, terrain, and all the side quests one could ask for. The fantasy city in GTA V called Los Santos is a vibrant and sunny city. It is by far the largest map in the entire GTA franchise, and its exact size in GTA V is 80.3 square kilometers.

A custom script is used to scan the terrain and buildings on the map. The script runs directly in the game and gathers the surrounding ground levels in a radius of one kilometer around the player. Each survey collects more than one million data points.

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Next project: 3D-printed maps for Red Dead Redemption 2

Since open world games didn’t display the entire map at once because it would take up a lot of memory, Riccobene had to effortlessly walk around the game and check every part of the map manually. The scanning process took about 100 hours. The next challenge was to integrate the pull points and transform the data set into real data so that it could be processed, processed, and analyzed using professional mapping and mapping software. In this way he assigned about 500 million waypoints.

The actual 3D printing process of the 24 tiles took about 125 hours. Combined with data acquisition, elevation mapping and fine-tuning, the project ran for more than 400 hours throughout the year. Now Riccobene intends to create a 3D-printed map model similar to another Rockstar game – the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) in the coming months.

Downtown Los Santos
Downtown Los Santos has been recreated from the world of Grand Theft Auto in great detail using a 3D printer (Photo © Dom Riccoben).