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Malik Tillman will play for the United States in the future

In fact, German U-21 coach Antonio de Salvo had planned to attack Malik Tilman, but the Bayern youngster will play for the United States in the future.

Champion with Bayern, but no longer on the ball for DFB: Malik Tillman.
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De Salvo announced his squad for the European Championship qualifiers three days ago. Malik Tillman, the brother of the first professional Timothy, is missing and will continue to do so in the future. Because the 19-year-old, who was born in Nuremberg, will be playing for the American League with immediate effect. Tillman’s father’s home country is the United States.

De Salvo was disappointed by this decision. “We are saddened by Malik’s decision and it surprised us a lot,” says the coach of the DFB sub-structure. Is actively involved in the exchange. ”

We encouraged him as a junior in the U21s and put a lot of faith in him and gave him match training.

A potential boost to the World Cup and better opportunities in the United States

But Bayern Munich’s attacking striker (four times in the Bundesliga, two times in the Champions League and one in the trophy), who has played seven matches with professional players this season, expects the best long-term opportunities for the senior team. United States. Perhaps an incentive: the United States hosts the 2026 World Cup with Canada and Mexico.

The last game for the under-21s is in March

Tillman has already played two games for the USA in the U15s before going on all the DFB U-teams, and more recently four games for the U21s. Israel’s 1-0 victory in the European Championship qualifiers at the end of March was Tillman’s last game with the DFP eagle on his chest. Prior to the game, he had already confirmed that the American Association had knocked on his door. At the time, Tillman said: “I feel good here and will continue to do so.”

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