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Managing Director who laid off 900 employees at Zoom-Call

New YorkOnline lender laid off 900 employees last week. While all the victims were on a joint zoom call, CEO Vishal Garg announced the news, which came as a shock to many. “If you were on that call, you would be one of the unfortunate group to be removed. Effective immediately. ”Several international media reports on’s layoff practice. On social media, just before Christmas, the redundancy wave was commented on with the words “cold”, “tough” and “a scary step”. The BBC reports.

At least 250 of those laid off worked an average of two hours a day, but were paid eight hours or more, “he said. American business magazine Fortune quoted from an internal email. Previously, used data analysis to determine the productivity of its employees. “They stole from you, they stole from customers,” Cork is said to have written to justify himself to the remaining employees.

But the coming months will not be easy for the rest. Business Insider Report. Kirk has already announced that he will be pursuing a new look for The company should grow a hundred times if not ten. The news portal reports that the CEO “wants more ambitious and dishonest workers than ever before.”

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