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Mango3D brings a powerful update to Lychee Slicer

Mango3D brings a powerful update to Lychee Slicer

Mango3D has introduced a new version of the popular Lychee Slicer. The 3D printing job setup software has been comprehensively revised and offers several improvements.

Lychee Slicer is one of the few slicing solutions that is not directly tied to a specific 3D printer manufacturer. As a proprietary product, it is not open source, but is available in a free and paid Pro version.

Originally designed for resin printers only, Lychee has also supported slicing for FFF 3D printers since 2022. This dual approach is practical because only one tool needs to be learned for different 3D printing operations.

The current version 6.0.2 brings many innovations. Under the hood, the code base has been heavily revised and prepared for future expansions. The support generation has been completely redeveloped and now allows support to be linked to the network automatically for added stability. Grid mode improves the support of resin prints. There are also new functions such as “ironing” to smooth surfaces and hidden layers in FFF functions.

Other notable features include logical operations on 3D models during job setup and live support for many new 3D printers, including many existing models. Overall, Mango3D promises a significant increase in performance and ease of use for its flagship product.

The Lychee Slicer Pro for resin prints and FFF is priced at €99.90 per year available. Separate licenses are available only for Resin or FFF for €69.90 per year.