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Manuel Feller finished second in the giant slalom in Val d’Isere

Val d’Isere (France) – After the outdoor sprint competitions, the technical team will continue this weekend in Val d’Isere (France). Today a giant slalom was run on the Face de Bellevarde. At the top of the podium are the Swiss again Marco Adermatt, who set the best time in each of the heats. participate in the rule Manuel Feller The second and Zhan Krangik (SLO) in third place. Overall, there are three ÖSV riders in the top ten, which is a very good result for the team.

Manuel Feller did very well in the first round and was second in the middle order. In the second round, Fili was able to show that now he is again in top form.

Manual filler: “The placement is definitely right. The first round was definitely better than the second, but I fought to the end. But of course, you can’t just be content with a 1.4-second gap, I have to honestly say that. The gap is just too big.”

Stefan Bernsteiner, after tearing his meniscus during fall preparations, made two good runs and finished seventh. It went well with Carinthian Marco Schwarz, who eventually finished eighth.

For Roland Leitinger, as well as for Stefan Brennsteiner, it was a comeback race. After his third tear in the cruciate ligament, which returns to the World Cup. He was not completely satisfied with the final result, as he was last in the rating. “I had imagined it differently, that it would be better. Unfortunately, she didn’t want it to be.”

For Patrick Fürstein it was 21st in the final classification.

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Unfortunately, Rafael Hasser, Lucas Fürstein and Dominique Raschner were unable to advance to the second round.

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