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Many taboos for citizens: Friuli is now injecting pesticides for fear of West Nile virus

Many taboos for citizens: Friuli is now injecting pesticides for fear of West Nile virus

Fearing many infections with West Nile virus transmitted by Gilsen, more and more communities are being injected with Friuli insect venom. According to Friulian media, there are currently 14 infected people in the area. Some are located in hospitals, but fortunately no one is currently in the intensive care unit. It is different in the Veneto region, where there are currently 29 infected and have already died after infection.

Local politicians, such as those in Sacil, insist on spraying pesticides in their community, after spraying in neighboring Aviano. Insecticides are also used in Turriaco near Grado, around Udine and near Tolmezzo.

Strict rules for residents

Citizens are notified about the use of the sprayer with information sheets, the use is announced with the time and date, and the following prohibitions apply during this time:

  • Pets are not allowed outside
  • You have to keep windows and doors closed
  • Do not leave laundry to dry
  • Fruits and vegetables from gardens near treated community routes should not be consumed for 72 hours. If they are harvested after this time, they must be washed intensively before consumption.

In Bassiano, Mayor Eddy Pechenen also issued an ordinance obligating all citizens by October 31 not to leave objects around that could collect rainwater. According to the regulation, “things with which water is collected must be emptied daily.”

Horses are vaccinated

Horse lovers who take their horses out to sea for the famous beach ride from the end of high season have the chance to vaccinate their animals. There is no approved vaccine for humans.

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