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Marco Schwartz as a prime-time star |

Marco Schwartz as a prime-time star |

The Austrian Ski Federation breaks new ground in the fight for attention, as Marco Schwarz appears on prime-time television on Friday.

Professional sports are characterized by the struggle of its players to achieve victories. However, in this billion-dollar business, the struggle for public attention has long been the focus. The most promising successful tactic currently in this context: documentaries and docuseries.

These provide insight into situations that the average fan might dismiss. Productions from television and streaming services, which are produced with high quality and good drama, often achieve record viewing figures – and this ultimately has a positive impact on the sport itself.

The best example of this: “Drive to Survive”, with which Formula 1 was the starting point of this hype in 2019 and managed to arouse interest among people who until then had little interest in the first category of motorsport. Meanwhile, golf, tennis, cycling and football followed suit – providing a breath of fresh air in terms of following. Individual teams or athletes also launch a major media attack.

Visual strength and grading

Ski Austria is also presenting a new project on Friday (8:15pm, live ORF 1). In the first part of “ComeBLACK – In the Shadow of Victory”, Marco accompanies Schwarz on his way back to the Ski World Cup. The 28-year-old from Carinthia suffered a cruciate ligament tear, meniscus tear and cartilage damage in his right knee at the end of 2023.

“The idea for this documentary came directly after Marco’s injury,” explained Christian Scherer, Secretary General of the Austrian Ski Federation. “Accompanying him on his return should, on the one hand, demonstrate his determination, perseverance and focus on first-class sport, and, on the other hand, also give television viewers exciting and profound insights into the life and environment of this national homeland.” Skateboarding idol.”

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At a time when Austrian people are supposedly isolated from what was once a popular sport, the skating association now also relies on visual strength, and an emphasis on characters and theatre. However, Black's fate provides the perfect starting point for a classic heroic story: a happy ending after setbacks.

Marco Odermatt hopes to be a success story on the slopes on Friday (9/6 p.m., ORF 1 live). The Swiss can win the discipline classification early in the first two giant slalom races in Aspen. (stm)

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