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Margot Robbie is not sad about losing her Oscar opportunity for the movie “Barbie”

Margot Robbie is not sad about losing her Oscar opportunity for the movie “Barbie”

The hit film “Barbie” received eight nominations, but lead actress Margot Robbie and director Greta Gerwig were both snubbed. However, Robbie is not sad, but rather “more than happy” about the eight nominations.

Australian actress and “Barbie” actress, Margot Robbie (33 years old), said that she is not sad about not being nominated for an Oscar for her role in the successful film. “There is no way to feel sad when you know that you are very lucky,” Robbie said during a discussion event in Los Angeles, according to American media reports.

The movie “Barbie” achieved international success last year. In last week's Oscar nominations, the film was nominated for eight awards — but Robbie was not nominated for Best Leading Role, nor was Greta Gerwig nominated for Best Director, which caused a lot of criticism. Ryan Gosling, who was nominated for Best Supporting Role as Kane, also criticized the lack of nominations.

“Of course I think Greta should have been nominated as a director because what she has achieved is something unique in her career and in her life. But it has been an amazing year for all these films.” Ruby said she was “thrilled” about the eight nominations. “We wanted to do something that would move the culture and change the culture and have an impact. And it has done that – and more than we could have ever imagined. And that is actually the greatest reward that can come from all of this.”

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