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Markuskatzer – “I’m not going to play Zampano in Rapid”

In Vienna he still had to “do a million things, shake 25,000 hands.” Meetings with the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees, a fan evening, a press conference – now the head of sports can focus on the essentials. “The list is long, but I am stress-resistant, I subordinate everything to my work.” But he doesn’t go into detail and never mentions names: “I’m there for ten days, that would be questionable, not the pros. I won’t play with the big zampanos.” But it was important to him to “have the strength to make decisions with the pros.” Here is the boss. Of course, in consultation with Managing Director Hoffmann and Coach Barišić. whose contract will expire in Vienna only. official business. “It doesn’t bother you,” Katzer says quietly. Criticism from the outside does not affect him anyway: “I believe in myself, I have a clear plan.” Anyone who fears Rapid will continue to juice his order underestimates Katzer: “I haven’t been in the Rapid World in almost ten years, that’s valuable.” And he doesn’t understand those who question his net: “I’ve been playing football for 21 years.” years, I traveled all over the world as a consultant, and then I spent four years with Vienna. I can know everything about every player.” He speaks with conviction. “There will be changes, I can promise you that,” Katzer assures. High speed goes, but it won’t rush anything. And should. One is in a good location, and the resources just need improvement, eg in exploration.