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Mars probe sends new selfies to Earth

Mars probe sends new selfies to Earth

At the beginning of September perseverance rover Martian rocks have been successfully collected for the first time. To do this, he drilled two wells in the stone, took samples and stashed them away safely.

Before the chariot of perseverance set out on new adventures, it appeared in front of the hewn stone and Selfie registered. In the two images released by NASA, the Mars robot appears to be very proud of its two drill holes.

57 frames per selfie

Take a selfie with Watson camera. WATSON stands for Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations and Electronic Engineering. The wide-angle camera is located on a 2-meter robotic arm.

There is a total 57 shots that was sent to Earth. There, the individual photos are stitched together to form a kind of mosaic, so you can finally see two selfies.

That’s how complicated it is to take a Martian selfie

in June NASA In a detailed blog post he explains how such Martian selfies are made. It can take hours to capture all the individual photos of a Mars selfie, It was said at that time.

Why is the robotic arm not visible in selfies? On the other hand, because a file impression For a portrait, it is chosen so that the robot arm cannot actually be seen, and on the other hand, when merging photos later, care is taken that the robot arm does not interfere with the composition of the photo.

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I worked on a selfie of Mars that shows the tenacious rover and the creative helicopter A team of 12 people Vande Verma, who is in charge of the robots in the Perseverance Wagon, explained that it took nearly a week for the image to be ready.