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Mars rover resumes work

Mars rover resumes work

After about two weeks of silence, a file NASA Call back last week Mars rover perseverance and the Helicopter ingenuity Produce. The jointly, when the Sun was between Mars and Earth and thus communication was disrupted, it ended (You can read more about it here).

Celebrated back to normal NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with a short video on TwitterShows perseverance moving on Mars. The trip was already on September 12 during 200. Marstiges For a registered RV:

2 microphones to pick up noise

NASA is also involved Video, which explains how perseverance picks up noise. be it 2 microphones Used to pick up sounds from the red planet. So far the rover can do about it 5 hours of material Collecting. Among other things, scientists can use it to analyze the properties of the stones from which perseverance takes samples.

The technology team can also verify that all rover tools are working properly. In the video, NASA compares the sounds of Earth to the sounds of Mars:

14. Escape from creativity

Even a small Ingenuity helicopter is allowed to return to work after radio silence. His last test flight was canceled due to an error (I mentioned Futurezone). As announced by JPL, Ingenuity has been ready to start operating again since October 23 Flight 14.