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Mars: The heavy earthquake poses a great mystery to researchers

On May 5th, it was said that there was a major crash on Mars. Simon Stehler, who is part of an international team evaluating measurements of the Seismic Internal Structure Experiment (SEIS) on the US Mars Insight probe, said in an interview with online mirror “It is the most powerful earthquake ever observed in any other celestial body. “

He and his colleagues did not expect a magnitude-5 earthquake. On the contrary: it was a real surprise. Before that, the research team had only been measuring small vibrations for 1,200 sols. Unlike Earth, there are no tectonic plates on Mars. Friction or pressure between Earth’s plates usually causes an earthquake on our planet.

Mars earthquake: “I don’t know the cause of the current event”

Experts cannot explain the earthquake on Mars. Stähler, a seismologist at the Institute of Geophysics at ETH ZurichHe says, “We don’t know yet in detail what triggered the current event and it remains a mystery. The earthquake came from a place where we haven’t noticed any other tremors. You can now scroll through geological maps and satellite images to find the source area.”

In response to a question from Spiegel Online, Stehler said it was possible that a piece of land falling on the surface had caused the earthquake. But there is no evidence for that.