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Math Test: Logical thinking is required here

Math Test: Logical thinking is required here

Mathematics has its drawbacks and logical thinking does not always work well for everyone. You better want to solve our numbers quiz and take the challenge. Well, can you find the number you’re looking for in the math puzzle?

What number are you looking for?

This mathematical puzzle is more difficult than it seems at first glance. Logic is required here! Ultimately, it’s about testing your rational abilities and challenging your mind. Of course, 5+5=10 is not a simple addition. Rather, it’s a matter of looking at the other two series of numbers and then thinking about which number you’re looking for.

This calculation task requires logical thinking. Do you find the solution?© Goy Athayde

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Math test tip if you don’t have the solution ready right away:

Have you already added and multiplied the first two rows of numbers and can’t figure out the result? But these are exactly what will lead you to the solution. So take a close look at the first two solution results, and they will guide you to the right solution path!

Are you in puzzle fever? Well, here are some tough challenges:

Solution to the mathematical puzzle: Tada, the number you are looking for exists!

It’s not about taking any roots or discovering squares or prime numbers. The solution is quite obvious: 35, 25, well….? Exactly, just subtract 10 again and you will find the missing number: 15.

Well, what is the result of the following solution?  Correct: 15 - always 10 less.
Well, what is the result of the following solution? Correct: 15 – always 10 less.© Goy Athayde
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