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Matter of Reichelt: Former “BUILD” employee sued Springer in the US

Matter of Reichelt: Former “BUILD” employee sued Springer in the US

In the case of former BPictureEditor-in-Chief Julian Reichelt took legal action against the media group Axel Springer in the US. A former employee of Tabloid Build filed a civil suit against the company in August in a Los Angeles court, according to the court’s website. There is also a trial date in December.

First there was the media magazine Media Affairs After that the Time reported. The allegations include sexual harassment. A spokesman for Axel Springer said when asked on Tuesday: “We are investigating the case and will comment on it in due course.”

Meeting with Kurz

The case is against US-based Axel Springer Services Inc. and directed against Bild GmbH and up to 25 legal or natural persons. Media Affairs. Career Portal Quoted From court documents.

The 132-page indictment, containing a total of eleven charges, is a whopping one Media Affairs Former president Sebastian Kurz also noted. ExPicture-The employee reportedly met Kurz at the Salzburg festival in 2018. Reiselt gave his personal phone number. When asked about the reason for the transfer, Reiselt said: “Just for fun”.

Allegation of abuse of power

of PictureThe principal had to leave in October 2021 amid allegations of abuse of power over consensual relations with staff. In the spring of 2021, Springer initiated internal proceedings against Reiselt to reconsider the charges and decided to give him a second chance.

A media report The New York Times He took up the case again in October 2021, while there was journalistic research by the Investigative Committee of the Ippen Media Group. Springer then drew a line and relieved Reiselt of his duties. The journalist himself later spoke of a “smear campaign” against him.

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