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Matura: Mathematics is "more difficult than expected", a critique of the German mission

Matura: Mathematics is “more difficult than expected”, a critique of the German mission

With a math subject, the “top discipline” for this year’s Central High School Certificate was in the program on Friday. No other topic has traditionally put so many children on exams – in the past year, nearly every five work in AHS and every seven in BHS were rated negatively. Only the inclusion of an annual class in Matura classroom “save” many students.

After the poor result of the previous year, AHS Matura got easier this year: until now there was a core section as well as an in-depth section with more complex and text-heavy tasks, each rated with a score of 24. To obtain an adequate rating, 16 points had to be achieved in the main section (although individual “bonus points” could also be achieved in part 2) or a total of 24 points had to be collected; The subtle differentiation between the positive score was then found in the most detailed part.

As of this year, the core portion remains unchanged (24 assignments with one point each), but only twelve points are awarded for the most text-intensive and in-depth portion – a total of 36. The percentage of points for the most complex and thus tasks in Matura are reduced . In this same in-depth part, there is one task with four points that can be achieved independently of each other, in addition to three tasks with four points each. Another “transaction”: among these last three examples also includes the “best than” rating: These two commands are only used for the estimate with which the most points are scored. “Café” is awarded to anyone who scores 17 points. From 22 points there is “satisfactory”, from 27 points “good” and from 32 points “very good”.

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Federal School spokeswoman Alexandra Bosque told APA that this year’s math exam was “more difficult than expected.” Although working hours are increased by an hour, most students at AHS will need all hours of work to complete assignments. The main part was not as easy as it was announced, the text-rich and in-depth part two was rated “Really Hard” by the good students in their class. However: “Most of them are sure that they did.” However, high school graduates were also well prepared by their teachers.

It looks similar to BMHS student actress, Lena Huber, who attends a teaching institute of elementary education in Salzburg. There was a separate time window for high school graduates to come to the school building, and thanks to the mask breaks, the FFP2 mask requirement was also not an issue. In their opinion, the tasks were more difficult than in previous years and had few “traps”. The test could have been controlled anyway. Longer working hours took the pressure off.

Examinations should be corrected by the middle of next week. A new demand by the Ministry of Education has caused dissatisfaction with administrators and teachers. The already tight correction time for teachers has been shortened again, results must be digitally transmitted to the department by Thursday noon, and directors’ actors Isabella Zenz (AHS) and Franz Reithuber (BHS) criticized the broadcast. “In-school marking and quality loops need rest and time. Less than a week to work through hundreds of pages and examples as well as for peer review is clearly not enough.”

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The Ministry of Education calls on teachers to adhere to the tight schedule. For high school graduates, especially in mathematics fear, it is important to know the score as soon as possible. However, it is also evident that teachers with many high school graduation classes may definitely take longer.

Meanwhile, there is again this year the traditional critique of the IG authors of the German Matura Center yesterday. This is becoming “more and more problematic,” she said on Friday’s broadcast. “After a few years of reasonably successful missions,” this year’s group of subjects with the literary mission “reached a new low”. Apparently, hardly any student chose this, because the other tasks would have been much easier.