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Max Verstappen accuses race management of unequal treatment ahead of the World Cup match with Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen accuses race management of unequal treatment ahead of the World Cup match with Lewis Hamilton

Before the end of the Formula 1 season in Abu Dhabi, Max Verstappen complained about the unfair treatment of the hosts.

Before the decisive race, the Dutchman was on a par with Lewis Hamilton in the standings.

Verstappen has been repeatedly accused of driving too aggressively, which could lead to accidents – most recently at the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia. Here the Red Bull driver received a five-second penalty for taking a short cut in the first corner.

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Before the final in Abu Dhabi, the Dutchman raised serious allegations from the race management: “I’m definitely treated differently than the other drivers,” Verstappen told Sky Sports F1.

Race director Massey threatens to deduct points

Despite repeated criticism and penalties, the Dutchman does not want to change his driving style: “I just want it to be fair to everyone. And that’s not the case at the moment. Like I said, I don’t feel like I did anything wrong because it wasn’t wrong for others either. So why? Would I change anything if others were allowed to drive this way?”

You have before the end of the last week Verstappen and Hamilton each scored 369.5 points. However, if both drivers go empty-handed, the Red Bull driver will celebrate his first world title, with more wins than the Briton (9:8) this season.

Against this background, there is speculation about scenarios under which Verstappen could force a collision with his aggressive driving style that would knock both drivers out of the race.

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However, FIA racing director Michael Masi now prevents a forced collision: “I can’t control the actions of the two, only they can. But in the rules we have penalties, like time or grid penalties,” Massey said.

Therefore, the Australian anticipates a possible penalty for the Dutch player: “Yes, Max points can be deducted, like any team. We hope it is not necessary, but it is one of the possible tools. I will participate in that all drivers and teams remember these provisions.”

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