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Maybe you’ve always been using your nasal spray incorrectly

Maybe you’ve always been using your nasal spray incorrectly


You’ve been using a nasal spray incorrectly your whole life

Nasal sprays are the first choice for treating a stuffy nose. But did you know that many people use it incorrectly and therefore the spray is hardly effective? This is how it works.


Do you suffer from a cold or allergy? Then you should make sure that you use the nasal spray correctly.

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Nasal spray is often the aid in need when a stuffy nose is due to a cold or a cold due to allergies Makes life difficult. That sprays because of the danger to become addicted to it, It should not be used for a long time, it is now clear to most people. But did you know that you are almost certainly using your sprayer incorrectly?

Several videos are currently circulating on Tiktok, where users explain how to use the spray correctly. Not by sticking the spray directly into your nose and spraying and inhaling forcefully.

Instead, as Tiktoker and doctor foodallergy explains, you should bend your head forward slightly, insert the spray into your nostrils and then rotate it slightly outward, that is, toward your nasal cavity.

After spraying, you should not immediately pull your nose sharply, because in this way you swallow the liquid directly, and it cannot act at all. It is best to take quick breaths in quick succession, as if you were sniffing like a dog. If the remaining liquid comes out of your nose after about five to ten seconds, blow your nose and that’s it.

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Sometimes signs that you’ve used your sprayer incorrectly mean that the product isn’t working as well as it should. Or your nose gets irritated easily and you have a tendency to have nosebleeds. Another point: you taste the spray after you spray. Because this is a sign that the liquid did not enter the paranasal sinuses, where it should already do its job, but landed directly in the throat.

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