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McDonald's has a McBoat service in Germany

McDonald’s has a McBoat service in Germany

kayaking service (photo: nonstandardmcd)

McDonald’s may have nearly 40,000 restaurants around the world – but only one has a very special boating experience.

The fast food chain offers a raft service in Elbe in Germany, aimed at water boaters and boaters.

Hamburg’s rowing restaurant, known as McBoat, has been open since 2015, but recently came into the spotlight after Tom Scott recorded his latest YouTube visit.

McBoat even boasted a real microphone and speaker once to customers who headed to the dock to place their orders — but that has since been scrapped in favor of the smartphone app.

Connect your favorite McDonald’s dishes to the waterside (Photo: nonstandardmcd)

McDonald's McBoat Picture: nonstandardmcd METROGRAB
Found in the Elbe (Photo: nonstandardmcd)

The square is open around the clock in the spring and summer – but it’s closed in the colder months because fewer people go to the water.

In addition to being on the river, McBoat is a little different in that workers see an order in the restaurant (next door), prepare the food, and then take the bag to the pier.

In a video that has now been viewed more than 1.4 million times, Tom posted about the restaurant’s unique offerings: “To meet your expectations, this isn’t a McDonald’s with a ditch with queues of kayaks per window. This would be even better.” “

But Tom credits Outpost with the evolution of the classic Golden Arches experience.

“I think it’s great to find something so close to what you already know, but that changes it in an interesting way or two,” he says.

This also applies to the classic menu, because in the comments to his video, Tom reveals that he ordered potato dips with hot wave sauce and mango and pineapple juice.

Likewise, but very close by, you’ll also find the UK’s first pastry shop – founded by 24-year-old Ekra Riad.

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