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Media: At least 164 killed in protests in Kazakhstan

According to media reports, at least 164 people were killed in the violent clashes between protesters and security forces in Kazakhstan. President Kassim Shomart Tokayev on Friday ordered the police and army to shoot “without warning” protesters, whom he described as “terrorists” and “bandits”.

Today, citing the Ministry of Health of the economic city of Almaty alone, many media reported that 103 people were killed. In the past few days, Kazakhstan witnessed unprecedented clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces. It was not clear how many civilians were killed.

Sixteen members of the security forces were killed during the riots, as was previously reported. According to official figures, more than 2,200 people have been infected. It was previously reported that about 1,300 security personnel were injured and 40 people were killed, including security guards. Independent information is still scarce.

Nearly 6000 arrests

The government announced today that about 5,800 people have been arrested across the country, including a large number of foreign nationals. It did not provide any details. The situation is now stable in all regions of the country. Judicial authorities have launched investigations with those arrested for various crimes. The Presidential Office of Kazakhstan said after another crisis meeting that a number of strategic institutions are guarded by the Russian-led military coalition.

AP / NUR.KZ / Vladimir Tretyakov

Current Interior Minister Erlan Turgombayev told Shabar 24 television station that about 400 cars were destroyed during the riots, most of them police cars.

The authorities are trying to get life back to normal

Meanwhile, the authorities have tried to return life to normal in the country. For this purpose, the supply of basic foodstuffs to remote areas has been secured, according to the Ministry of Commerce, according to TASS. The Energy Ministry said supplies of fuel and liquefied gas had also begun.

President Kassim Shomart Tokayev on Friday ordered the police and army to shoot “without warning” protesters, whom he described as “terrorists” and “bandits”. It was feared that there would be many civilian deaths – especially in Almaty, a city of over a million people in southeastern Kazakhstan, which was badly shaken by the riots.

Kazakhstan, which borders Russia and China, has been experiencing the worst riots in years for days. In many places, resentment over rising fuel prices at gas stations has turned into peaceful, but sometimes violent, protests against the government. Tokayev declared a state of emergency and asked for help from the Russian-led military coalition.

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