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Media: US Representative wants to give up a job because of a CV relationship

Media: US Representative wants to give up a job because of a CV relationship

US Congressman George Santos According to reports, he intends to give up his position on the committee, at least for the time being, due to the false resume scandal. The US media unanimously reported, citing participants, that the Republican told his party colleagues about this on Tuesday at a non-public parliamentary group meeting.

“He felt like there was a lot of drama surrounding the situation,” the Republican said. Marjorie Taylor Green After the sender session CNN. Santos did not initially confirm the plans.

Cheated on CV

The 34-year-old was elected to the House of Representatives for the first time in the November congressional elections. The newspaper The New York Times Then he took a closer look at Santos’ resume. For example, he claimed he was a “seasoned Wall Street investor.” It finally emerged that Santos had never been an employee of said companies. The newspaper was also unable to verify his university degree. Santos was also accused of misleading the public about his family history and alleged Jewish background. And the republican admitted in an interview that he had “lacquered” his resume.

Santos is now also in the eyes of the judiciary. The New York attorney general’s office launched the investigation in December. According to media reports, Santos is also being monitored by the Department of Justice for his campaign financing. Recently, a number of Republicans have demanded that Santos give up his seat in parliament – but he previously ruled that out. And the Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, had confirmed that he wanted to organize the Santos case internally.

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Santos’ resignation will be difficult for House Republicans. In the congressional elections, they regained a majority in the congressional chamber—but only on a large scale. If Santos resigns, new elections will have to be held in his constituency. It cannot be ruled out that the Democrats will win the seat and the Republican majority will dissolve.