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Medicinal and medicinal mushrooms – Gabletzer scientist presents a new book

Medicinal and medicinal mushrooms – Gabletzer scientist presents a new book

It is a topic that attracts more and more people: local nature and how people deal with it. “The longing for something rustic and earthy is on the rise. Above all, ancient knowledge is modern and needs to be rediscovered,” says nutritionist Gerrit Fischer, a specialist in the mysterious world of mushrooms, after completing her studies. The latest result of this shift is the book “Heimische Medicinal and Vital Mushrooms”, published by Mankau Verlag, which has only recently become available in all Austrian bookstores, online and also from the author herself. In the first part, Fischer deals in detail with the cultural history of mushrooms, with their collection and storage, and more generally with their use in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet And the possibilities of obtaining medicinal products from it.In the second part, she discusses the most important local medicinal mushrooms, provides information about their benefits, and if they are edible, she also provides readers with recipes.

But opportunities to benefit from Fisher’s wealth of knowledge are not limited to reading her book. If you want to delve deeper into this topic, the Woman from Gablez offers mushroom tours in the local forests several times a year. Medicinal and edible mushrooms are sought after all year round – only the summer months are very dry – where they grow. “It is not just an autumn theme, as many might think. “We will find interesting representatives even in winter and when it snows, so that discovery is guaranteed,” Gerrit Fischer knows her forest well. She especially recommends this opportunity to people who live in rural areas but do not Little do they know about delving deeper into the nature around them: “The tours have something for everyone. You get a different perspective and suddenly see things that have always been there but that you never noticed before.

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Anyone wishing to receive individual advice has the opportunity to learn more about the health-promoting properties of mushrooms as part of a medicinal mushroom consultation. Fischer is offering this for people, dogs and cats online, on site and at the new comprehensive wellness center at Bachgasse 5 in Gablitz, which will be ceremoniously opened on Friday, November 10, from 5pm to 10pm as part of the opening ceremony.