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Mega Millions: $2 ticket winner is now a billionaire |  newsletter

Mega Millions: $2 ticket winner is now a billionaire | newsletter

Hit the US lottery jackpot |

2 dollar ticket winner is now a billionaire

It is the third largest lottery win in US history.

$1.34 billion was pumped into the “Mega Millions” American lottery bowl. Jackpot on Friday!

According to, the winning ticket was purchased in the US state of Illinois. Winning numbers: 13-36-45-57-67. Megapal: 14.

According to the lottery organizers, one player took the win – and bought a golden lottery ticket for only two dollars. Accordingly, he bought the note at a gas station in the city of Des Plaines (the US state of Illinois) with a population of 60 thousand.

The operator will be happy that they will also receive a cash prize of $500,000 for winning.

The winning ticket was purchased at this gas station in Illinois

Photo: Nam Y. Huh / AP

Opposite the business station “Fox Business” An employee at the Speedway gas station confirmed that the branch was notified by phone of the winning ticket.

“Obviously a shock, but I’m glad someone from Illinois won,” the employee said.

The jackpot was so huge that no player had matched six players since April 15th. There was no jackpot winner in 29 consecutive drawings. The odds of getting all numbers correct were 1 in 302.5 million.

The winner now has a choice of pension or cash: Paying out $1.34 billion annually over 29 years, or raising an estimated $780.5 million in one fell swoop.

One-time higher tax must be paid, so the amount is lower. However, most Mega Millions winners choose the cash option.

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