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Mel-Mont Medical validates a patented self-assembly technology, Mía by XytoTest®, for molecular screening of HPV DNA and mRNA type 7 E6

E7 is known.

Klukarstwa, Norway, Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ ‘Because it is possible’

Mel-Mont Medical, a medical device and technology company dedicated to improving women’s health through the use of its patented DNA and mRNA self-assay kit, Mia from XytoTest®, has received clinical confirmation that it Equally effective Like samples taken by a doctor.

According to current estimates, 569,847 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and 311,365 women die from this disease. Cervical cancer is the third most common type of cancer among women worldwide, according to the Globocan HPV and Cancer Information Center.

The Mia by XytoTest® device is safe for women to use at home or in the doctor’s office without the need for a colposcope. The uniqueness of XytoTest® Mía gives sexually active women the opportunity to improve self-care and to test themselves for HPV-related cancers as a preventative measure. XytoTest®’s patented Mia technology enables laboratories to detect Hr-HPV-DNA and enables risk stratification by detecting mRNA E6/E7 biomarkers from the seven HPV types that have been shown to be most critical for the development of cervical cancer.

“The idea of ​​self-monitoring with Mía by XytoTest® arose out of the need to raise awareness of self-care and the need for more accessible routine preventive testing in the sexually active female population. Molecular screening increases sensitivity and specificity and thus creates sensitivity and specificity and thus creates a uniqueness of the situation,” said Frank Melendez, CEO of Mel Monte Medical. Clinical added value in combating paradoxically preventable diseases with high morbidity and mortality, such as cervical cancer.”

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recently posted Publishing 1 Compares self-collected samples with cervical samples taken by a physician for HPV infection with 14 HPV DNA test and 7 HPV mRNA E6/E7 test and comes to the conclusion that Mia of XytoTest® is equivalent in quality For samples taken by the doctor.

“The application of accessible self-collected samples for CE-marked HPV mRNA testing has been approved under IVD Directive 98/97/EC, making PreTect and its E6/E7 mRNA technology a pioneer in this promising strategy,” said Benti. Mary Falange, global director of the laboratory division at PreTect, AS.

Women infected with HPV are not only given an efficient self-sampling option, but are also given appropriate treatment recommendations with their physicians, which are tailored to the mRNA biomarkers of the woman in question.

Mia by XytoTest® and 7-type mRNA E6/E7 for Women offer new and innovative alternatives in the prevention of cervical cancer and are now used throughout Europe and Mexico. The device also gives women in countries with poor health care or difficult economic conditions access to affordable and life-changing technology.

integral Multidisciplinary molecular testing , which accurately screens peeled cervical samples, will improve cervical cancer prevention programs while simplifying medical procedures for women infected with HPV. Therefore, the concept of a “liquid biopsy” (ie a “molecular” Pap test), which is very specific for the early detection of cervical cancer precursors, will be of critical importance in the coming years”2, says Anna Gradissimo, Ph.D. from the College of Albert Einstein Medicine, Bronx, NY, in a recent research paper (2).

About Millmont Medical:

Mel-Mont Medical, with offices in the United States and Europe, is a small medical device company initially focused on products that use mRNA to screen and diagnose HPV-related cancers in a minimally invasive manner.

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Information about PreTect, AS:

PreTect AS, an ISO 13485:2016, CE/IVD certified and FDA approved mRNA manufacturing facility headquartered in Klokarstwa, Norway, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mel-Mont Medical, Inc.



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