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Meloni’s delegation to Italian President Mattarella

Italian President Sergio Mattarella continued his consultations on the formation of a new government in Rome today. In the morning, he received a delegation from the right-wing coalition led by the winner of the elections, Georgia Meloni. Lega president Matteo Salvini and founder of the conservative Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, attended the president with Meloni.

AFP/Alessandra Tarantino

“we are ready”

“We are ready to give Italy a government that will meet the challenges of our time with awareness and competence,” Meloni said on Twitter before the meeting. “We are finally starting!” Salvini told reporters. “We will give Italy a coherent and strong government,” Berlusconi added.

The right-wing delegation’s conversation with Mattarella lasted only eleven minutes. The center-right coalition nominated me for the post of prime minister. “We are ready to give Italy a functioning government in the shortest possible time because the country faces many problems at the national and international levels,” Meloni said afterwards.

Expect a government order

After meeting with the delegation, Mattarella withdrew and will now decide whether to give Meloni the government contract. It could be in the afternoon. It cannot be ruled out that the 45-year-old President of the Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) party will also present the list of ministers. The swearing-in ceremony could take place tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Melonis FdI emerged as the strongest single party in the September 25 general election with 26 percent of the vote. Thus the post-fascist party is the party that received the most votes in the right-wing alliance with Lega and Forza Italia, which received only nine and eight percent of the votes respectively. Therefore, Meloni is expected to become the first head of the Italian government.

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