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Menu: How font size affects food choices

Menu: How font size affects food choices

Yemen healthy dishes Catch up, is his body good. But knowing the positive effect grocery shop It is not always enough to actually decide to do so. A new study now answers the question of whether Font size calorie information in menus the Choice of dishes can subtly influence.

The research, which was led by Ruiying Cai of Washington State University, used two groups of people. These are assigned at random. The first group became one menu apply on Calorie information font size droppedSo smallest the Calorie content He was. the information However, she was on the second group map Larger In the photo, so minimum Calorie value was.

A “numerical Stroop effect” was used. This causes a delayed reaction when two stimuli are presented inconsistently. For example, if the word “purple” was written in green, it would take longer to name the font color. Doctors use this phenomenon to measure a patient’s ability to pay attention and processing speed.

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Presentation makes a difference

The results of Ruiying Cai’s study have been published in International Journal of Hospitality Management published. It turns out that option Instead of that Low calorie dishes fell if Calorie information It was great to read. People who have a little gThey are health conscious they eat more To guideespecially if it is Food selection It must be done quickly. offered Low calorie dishes It has been identified by researchers as correct class.

the menu design Thus it can influence the decision of the guests. It can be an economic advantage for the catering trade, according to Ruying Cai: “healthy food It can be profitable for restaurants, but whenever a ‘healthy’ label is put on people they may assume they don’t taste good.”

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