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Meteorological warning: Heavy rain continues in parts of Bavaria

Meteorological warning: Heavy rain continues in parts of Bavaria

Expert Sashweh: Relax only in the middle of the week

BR weather expert Michael Sachweh said in an interview with BR24: “We had some relief from the rain on Sunday. Now we have a new low stretch hanging over southern Bavaria. It can't get away – because it's from the easterly flow.” If the wind comes from the north, “the hillsides quickly give way to the Alps,” Schoue says. It will rain repeatedly throughout the day – “sometimes it lasts longer.”

The additional rainfall adds “to the flooding, so the flood situation is not expected to ease on Monday, but only on Tuesday or Wednesday. But this also depends on the catchment area of ​​the river we are talking about.”

The floods of the century are currently very real

According to Sachwe, the focus on floods is “moving more and more towards the Danube.” The relaxation can already be seen in the upper Danube towards Günzburg: “The water levels there are falling, and even rain on Monday will not be able to stop this autumn.” However, water is still rising downstream of the Danube. “The rain also ensures that in Donauwörth, for example, the maximum value will only be reached during the night or on Tuesday.” If this happens, according to the weather expert, values ​​​​that are statistically exceeded once every 100 years will have been reached, which is called “HQ100”, that is, the flood of the century.

Mainly responsible for rain masses: What is the “Vb weather condition”?

But how did it come to this? The “Vb” (“Five-B”) weather condition is mainly responsible for the rain masses. “A depression moves from the Atlantic Ocean over southern France into the Mediterranean region, where it fills with a lot of water vapor provided by the Mediterranean Sea, and then continues over the Eastern Alps towards Poland. Our depression took exactly this path,” explains Michael Sachweit – and continues: “ “This railway is very vulnerable to flooding because there is a lot of water vapor in the air and because this depression moves very slowly, it means the rain lasts longer.”

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With the end of this weather condition, the winds shift towards the north, which, according to Sachoue, causes traffic jams in the Alps and rainfall continues, especially in southern Bavaria: “The VB weather condition means the convergence of several areas exposed to floods, factors, and therefore the weather condition is considered floods par excellence for southern and central Europe and the Alpine region.” “

How long is it likely to rain?

The bottom is currently falling. “Because of the easterly current, these foothills above southern Bavaria cannot say goodbye to the Alps, so rain continues in the south,” the meteorologist said. “North winds follow in the evening and night, and then more rain falls due to Alpine traffic congestion in the immediate vicinity of the Alps – this too will eventually feed the Danube floods. However, from Tuesday onwards, all can be clear “. It is presented from a meteorological point of view.”

With information from the Environmental Protection Agency.