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Meteorologists warn of thunderstorms and hail «

Meteorologists warn of thunderstorms and hail «

It’s very hot today. Then, however, there is also the risk of storms.

7 a.m., June 20, 2021


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There could be lightning today © Libor –

The Sunday It must be beautiful severe weather entails. Very warm air masses continue to flow from the southwest. You can too Sahara Stop Thus restricting the supply to some extent. In addition, it appears above all morning Again everywhere in the country the sun for a long time after an already warm night Temperatures are rising quickly.

So we expect the afternoon in lowlands scorching temperatures Between 30 and 34 or 35 degrees. At the same time it comes more than some mountain tops Especially in the West but also cumulus cloud formation In the swing and thereafter, isolated thermal thunderstorms are possible. The meteorologist fears that “some of these thunderstorms could be more violent, and therefore potentially heavy rain, storm surge, or even hail.” Reinhard Brugger.