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Meyer does not rule out returning

Meyer does not rule out returning


In an interview in his hometown of Avritz on Wednesday, Carinthian ski star Matthias Maier did not rule out a return to the Alpine Ski World Cup. Just before the end of the year, the three-time Olympic champion surprised everyone with his sudden resignation. However, Mayer has ruled out returning this season.

Almost five weeks ago, Mayer caused a sensation in Austrian sport with his sudden resignation. Mayer said on Dec. 29 in Bormio that he’s “been thinking about it for the past few days and now has to say, ‘It’s time to retire from the Alpine World Cup'” — more on that in Mayer announces his immediate resignation (; December 29, 2022).

Meyer: ‘Leave all options open’

In an interview with ORF, the 32-year-old from Carinthia said on Wednesday he was enjoying his retirement: “I have a lot of free time, but I’m especially on skis, doing ski runs,” said Meyer, at the request of ORF’s sports correspondent Adi Niederkorn. , whether retirement can also be a holiday, leaving all options open.

When asked if a return to the Ski World Cup was no longer a hundred percent impossible, Meyer said he was satisfied with how things were at the moment: “That’s fine, I want to leave some things open in the future.” Of course I am often asked about returning, “There is definitely no going back this season,” Meyer said. If there is no turning back, Meyer can also imagine a career as a ski consultant or coach.

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