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Miami Beach – Emergency after student dinner

New York (DOCLAD): Miami Beach Mayor Dan Kelber has announced dramatic austerity, especially with the recent influx of students into the city.

According to local officials in the popular coastal city, it works poorly in the midst of an epidemic.

– More and more people are coming, without the intentions of following the rules. The result is confusion and disorder, which is more than we can handle, Kelber says CNN.

Attached: Miami Beach Mayor Dan Kelper has introduced stricter rules.  Photo: AP Photo / Wilfred Lee
WORRIED: Miami Beach Mayor Dan Kelber has introduced stricter rules. Photo: AP Photo / Wilfred Lee
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– Like a rock concert

At a press conference on Saturday, it was announced that the city would introduce a curfew from 8pm local time. In addition, access roads from the main road to Miami Beach will be closed for the next few nights for anything other than local traffic.

The state of emergency lasts at least 72 hours.

“The evenings here feel like a rock concert with people close to a part of the quarter,” Kelber told CNN.

– Not easy

There were rioters and rioters in the air on Friday night. Kelber also believes that the situation has become worse and worse in recent days.

Encourages all businesses in urban areas not to close during this period. Hotel guests are asked to stay away from the streets after 8pm.

– This is not an easy decision. “We are doing this to protect public health and safety,” said city administrator Raul Aguila ABC News.