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Michael Lindel complained about the referee Hamter: “Break the match” – German League

When WAC meets Sturm Graz, the game usually doesn’t end eleven against eleven. So there was always a red card in all seasonal duels between these two teams. After the Graz player had always been injured in the previous three matches, Thorsten Röcher had to go to a WAC footballer this time (but with a storm passing). WAC lost in the finals 3–1.

Roman Stary: “I am very empty and disappointed.”

Roman Stary on the reasons for today’s defeat: “Of course it was the red card and the main reason was that we appeared at the start of the second half. We were very negative and handed the match over to Sturm.” “I am very disappointed and empty,” the Wydad coach said in an interview with Sky.

When asked about next week’s European Cup play-off match, Stary said: “From tomorrow there will be a complete bottleneck in both matches. The opportunity is still alive.”

Michael Lendl was annoyed with referee Marcus Hammeter after the match: “He whistles a lot of little things that are not true. It was never a red card. The veteran said,“ The referee broke the match.

WAC President Dietmar Rigler confirmed in an interview with Sky that Roman Stary would remain with WAC: “He will take on a youth role and he will stay with the club. We have decided to work with him for the long term.”

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From Ligaportal, Photo: Gerhard Pulsinger