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Mick pushed the team forward.

Mick pushed the team forward.

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Vettel: Mick pushed the team forward

Since last week, it has been officially confirmed that Germany will also have two F1 drivers in 2022 with Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher. This means that the two friends will also compete against each other in the next year.

As for Mick, he’s entered his second season. The first is his training year, but he’s doing really well at it. Vettel admires two things above all else in his countryman: “calmness and consistency,” he says.

“It’s very difficult with the car. Everyone knows it’s the weakest car on the field. And you still keep your cool and show consistency as well as motivation…” Vettel says without ending the sentence.

He goes on to pay tribute: “I think he pushed the whole team forward, even if the starting position wasn’t easy. I just hope Haas gives him a better car next year.”

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The trick with engine fines?

Valtteri Bottas suffered a penalty with a motor twice in a row at Monza and Sochi. That prompted the reader Chris to wonder: He’s wondering whether the engine components are related to the driver or the car. Poses a reflection, referring to the Sochi scenario.

“If I was in a critical situation, I would consider switching vehicles in Hamilton and Bottas and giving Bottas a new engine in the Hamilton chassis. Then Hamilton would now drive the new engine from Bottas and pull a new engine using the penalty kick in the Hamilton pool and at the same time you could hit Verstappen a little bit or on Least annoyed him. Is this scenario possible?”

Short answer: No.

Long answer: In the Formula 1 sporting regulations, under Article 23.2, engine parts are assigned to the driver and not to the car. Since so many teams swap the chassis with each other anyway and also have an alternate chassis, it wouldn’t make sense to select the chassis.

In Artikel 23.2 c) steht noch die Ergänzung: “If at any time during the championship the replacement is replaced, the replacement will be considered the original driver for the purposes of evaluating power unit usage.”

In other words, if the driver is replaced, the new driver gets the components of the old driver – just like with Alfa Romeo, when Robert Kubica took command of the unit from Kimi Räikkönen.

But I’m sure the FIA ​​won’t let it go when Mercedes says: We’re replacing Hamilton Bottas and Bottas with Hamilton. 😉

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Nico Hulkenberg becomes a father

We have great news from Hülkenberg! Although he will likely not succeed with his return to Formula 1, the German has found happiness on a private level.

Nico Hulkenberg became a father for the first time on Friday. His wife, Eagle, gave birth to a daughter, Noemi Skye. The most important thing: mother and daughter are fine! We wish the young family all the best for the future!

Nico Hulkenberg and Lithuanian fashion designer Egli Rosket have known each other for six years and got married this summer. Now family happiness is perfect!

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New leader in penalty points table

We had to subtract some entries from the penal sins registry that expired after a year. On the weekend in Sochi, there was only one penalty kick: Lance Stroll’s penalty for a collision with Pierre Gasly.

The Canadian tops the table with eight points with Lando Norris. And he, in turn, got away with his crime in the pit entrance again. Otherwise it would have been difficult for him, because it is known that if you score twelve points, you will be banned from the race.

Your first Norris Points will not expire until mid-November. For him, that means he has to survive four weekends without collecting four points. In Stroll, three of his penalty points expire at the end of November – after two more races in F1.

You can see who has the number of points and the attack they got I read here.

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Seidl: Great progress, but…

According to Seidl, McLaren has made great strides on the operational side since his arrival. Above all, it has to do with the fact that there is a lot of stability at McLaren and that you learn from your mistakes.

Failures are also becoming rare: in 2021 there was only one McLaren failure when Norris was acquitted by Valtteri Bottas at the start of Hungary. Last year, there were only three failures, only one of which was due to technical reasons.

However, at the end of the race, some operational deficits compared to Mercedes were still visible in Sochi.

“Of course we still have a deficit across the board compared to the teams ahead of us in the championship,” Seidl says. “That is why it is important to analyze what could have been done better after a weekend like Monza or after first place, because there is always something that could have been done better.”

“The moment you are satisfied with what you have achieved, you begin to deteriorate.”

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Norris: Miles from Mercedes and Red Bull

He won in Monza, on the pole in Sochi and almost won. McLaren has shown strong performances in the past two races, but Lando Norris still does not see his team on the same level with the two teams – on the contrary: “We are miles behind them,” he confirms.

The Briton can assess the circumstances that led McLaren to suddenly find itself in a good starting position. In Friday’s dry practice session, Norris was less than half a second off the lead.

For team boss Andreas Seidl, you are “simply in the middle of a journey that will take us back to the top of Formula 1”, he says. “We have a clear plan of what we need to do in terms of infrastructure, organization and culture in order to take the next steps so that we can compete against the teams ahead of us in every race weekend.”

“I am very, very happy and very confident that once we have everything we need for our trip we will be able to take on Red Bull and Mercedes on a regular basis again. And of course it is great to see that so far, depending on the track, we are able to fight for Leaderboards or race victories.”

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Marc Saurer: McLaren Error Analysis

Editor-in-Chief Christian Nemmerful discussed some topics about the Russian Grand Prix with our expert Marc Surer. For example, whether Lando Norris is a little responsible for the fact that his race engineer didn’t tell him anything after the harsh radio. And why, according to Mark, Lewis Hamilton was not “convincing” in Sochi.

The video is available among other things It can be seen on our YouTube channel.
In the next few days, we’ll have more clips that are more confirmed for you. Among other things about the return of Fernando Alonso, the provisional balance sheet, and about the “wingers” Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez and who is the better of the two.

If you subscribe to our channel and activate the bell, you will receive a notification as soon as the videos come online!

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Mark Saurer: This is how he analyzes McLaren’s mistakes

Did poor contact cost Lando Norris his first win? and “Shut up!” Maybe he bothered his race engineer on the radio? More Formula 1 videos

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good morning!

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