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Mick Schumacher doesn’t want to give up “Hope”.

Mick Schumacher doesn’t want to give up “Hope”.

8:21 AM

Mick Schumacher doesn’t want to give up “Hope”.

Yesterday we looked at the Mick Schumacher situation here on tape and found that things are not necessarily looking good regarding a return to Formula 1 in the 2024 season.

Now the German has his own too In conversation with Sports information service He expressed that. “Hope finally dies,” he says there and stresses: “Until all the seats are filled, it’s not over yet.”

He also states: “We have seen in the last two or three years that things can still change, even if the contracts are in place.” “Therefore, it would be wrong to lose hope,” Schumacher said.

The current situation on the bench is painful, the former Formula 2 champion admits and confirms: “I am a racing driver. All I want to do is win. But I must come to terms with reality.”

He explains that he now wants to “keep working on developing myself, keep trying to have conversations and present myself.” If the Formula 1 cockpit doesn’t work out in 2024, he is currently working on an alternative “in parallel”.

However, he does not give any details here.

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Hidden mechanisms and rubber pads

Starting with this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, the FIA ​​is tightening rules on front and rear wing design to prevent teams from using flexible parts.

The FIA ​​requested that all wing design drawings be examined before the race at the Marina Bay Circuit to ensure they comply with the rules, and banned some wing ideas that it considered to be in violation of the rules.

These include wing elements that move or rotate relative to the bodywork to which they are attached, the use of flexible (rubber-like) panels that allow for localized deflection, and designs that use soft trailing edges to support deflection.

Sound complicated? You can read all the essential information here!

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In Red Bull…

… Mick Schumacher certainly has no chance. Helmut Marko has made this clear more than once in the past. However, something may change in the Bulls’ driver lineup in 2025!

Sergio Perez’s current contract expires at the end of 2024. Helmut mentioned Marko in the summer interview Hello TV In Sport & Talk from Hangar-7 possible candidates for the second cockpit alongside Max Verstappen from 2025.

Marko has publicly named Lando Norris, who is under contract with McLaren, as his preferred candidate, but he in turn has a contract with his current Formula 1 team until 2025.

So the other options would be Daniel Ricciardo, who is currently out due to his current injury, and Ricciardo’s current replacement Liam Lawson. Find out more in our new video!

Helmut Marko: Who will be Verstappen’s teammate in 2025?

Helmut Marko names potential teammates alongside Max Verstappen from 2025 in a ServusTV summer talk. More Formula 1 videos

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Hello again!

Hello and welcome to the new edition of the Formula 1 News Feed. The Singapore Grand Prix is ​​fast approaching, and we want to get you in the mood for night racing in the coming hours.

As usual, there will be background information and exciting data on all the other hot topics from the world of top tier, and of course there will be a little entertainment too!

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Here you can read our strip from yesterday again!

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