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Microsoft Edge: New ‘Paid’ Users

Microsoft Edge: New ‘Paid’ Users

from Claus Ludwig
If users continue to use Microsoft Edge instead of Google Chrome, users will get monetary compensation. Microsoft is currently testing a matching offering.

Since 2020, Microsoft Edge is based on the same Chromium engine as the most used web browser currently, Google Chrome. Although Edge is pre-installed on Windows 10 and later versions of Windows 11, many users prefer to download Google Chrome. Microsoft is now trying to get more Edge users with a new campaign. This is how users should Receive some kind of payment for sticking to Microsoft Edge Not Downloads and Uses of Google Chrome.

Coupon card for loyal users

As Windowslatest reports, some Windows insiders will see a new ad banner in Microsoft Edge as soon as they open the Google website and download Google Chrome. If you continue to leave Microsoft Edge as the default, you will receive a Microsoft Store gift card as a tribute. In addition to the Edge web browser, you still have to search Microsoft Bing for a few days to earn points in Microsoft Rewards and thus get a voucher card. However, the offer only works for 14 days after the user confirms the default setting.

In addition to this action, Microsoft advertises its web browser with another ad banner that reads: “Microsoft Edge runs on the same technology as Chrome – with the added trust of Microsoft. “ It is still not clear whether the banner ad will actually be found in the next regular version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft recently finished testing in the canary version and continues in the beta channel. However, Microsoft doesn’t just run ads for its web browser. If you connect to the built-in Microsoft Edge for the first time and go to the Google website, you will see an ad banner recommending that Google use Chrome.

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Set to pay for new users in Microsoft Edge:

  • Microsoft is testing a new banner ad for the Edge web browser, at least in the Insider channel.
  • Users must receive some kind of payment if they stay with Microsoft Edge and don’t download and use Google Chrome.
  • Within the first 14 days of confirming that Microsoft Edge will remain the default, one can get a gift card for the Microsoft Store.
  • It’s unclear if this promotion will also find its way to a regular version of Microsoft Edge.

source: The latest version of Windows