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Microsoft’s cheap cloud PC starts previewing

Microsoft’s cheap cloud PC starts previewing

In February this year, Microsoft announced that it would launch another type of Windows 365 cloud PC launched in 2021. Now Microsoft’s “Windows 365 Frontline” preview phase has begun.


The foundation is a subscription-based Windows 365 service that allows users to stream Windows 10 or Windows 11 from the cloud to any device. From now on you can try it out. Windows 365 Frontline is now available in preview.

Frontline is aimed at companies where employees mainly do a minimal amount of PC work or at least don’t need their own – eg in retail, doctors, etc. Frontline Cloud computers remain locked by default when not in use. Employees must save their work at the end of their shift and then either disconnect or log off.

Microsoft Frontline – Cloud computing begins in preview

Benefits of the new service for companies

Sam Tolimat, product manager for the Microsoft Windows 365 team, explains the benefits of the new service at the preview launch Tech community blogWindows 365 Frontline makes it easy to extend the power of cloud PCs to frontline and shift workers so they can experience the benefits of Windows in the cloud. A single Windows 365 Frontline license supports up to three cloud PCs. Cloud PCs can be used from by each employee as long as only one employee per license is active at any given time. So instead of purchasing Windows 365 Frontline per employee, you only need to purchase the number of licenses required for the maximum number of active users required at the same time.”

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Microsoft already has its own for the new service information page I created one Login page For those who want to experience Frontline.


  • With Windows 365 Frontline, Microsoft is offering a preview release of a subscription-based cloud service.
  • Windows 365 Frontline is aimed at frontline companies and shift workers.
  • Frontline Cloud computers remain off when not in use.
  • Up to three cloud PCs can be used with a Windows 365 Frontline license.

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