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Microsoft's new operating system may look very nice

Microsoft's new operating system may look very nice

Microsoft hasn't officially announced Windows 12 yet, but that hasn't stopped enthusiasts from imagining what the next Windows might look like. An artist is showcasing his vision on YouTube — and Microsoft is happy to take a leaf out of it.

Windows 12: Concept artist presents his vision

Let's be honest: Windows 11 hasn't gotten off to a particularly good start. Even more than two years after its release, most users still prefer to rely on its predecessor, Windows 10. So is it time for Microsoft to abandon Windows 11 and think about what its successor might look like?

Enthusiastic concept artist AR 4789 has already answered the last question. He posted a video clip on his YouTube channel showing: How he thinks the new Windows 12 could be designed – it's worth taking a look:

Windows 12 feels like one piece

What immediately catches the eye: The concept of an operating system for YouTubers works Cleaner and tidier than Windows 11. There is no taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but rather a small bar in the middle that can also be used to open the start menu. Without the taskbar, users would have to change windows by either clicking directly inside the “Windows” key combination of the same name ALT + TAB Or click on the “Active Applications” button.

However, there is one at the top of the screen Central Bing search bar Mounted, flanked on the left by a small weather widget. Quick Settings can now be found on the upper right side of the screen. It was also re-imagined by a concept artist. It seems to be made from a single template and has an almost iOS or macOS feel.

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In the system settings, the concept has not changed much in terms of functionality compared to Windows 11, but the design seems more consistent here as well. Audio output can be, for example, between different devices Cross tiles with matching symbols These can be changed instead of having to use a tedious point selection.

AR 4789 has also considered integrating artificial intelligence. For example, it shows that you can use Windows Copilot to do this To create a new desktop wallpaper in no time. The drag-and-drop behavior also changes in its version of Windows 12. If, for example, you want to use an image from a file explorer in a text editor that is already open, you can hold the file briefly using the left mouse. Arrange the applications next to each other in small windows, then Drag the image file over the program of your choice, wait briefly for the program window to maximize and then edit the image file in the appropriate location.

It remains to be seen whether these functions or some of them can actually be implemented as easily as can be seen in the video. Right now, it looks like Microsoft isn't finished with Windows 11 yet. Instead, the focus has been on the next major operating system update:

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