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Miele Center Pullhöpe at 1130 Vienna Hietzing: quality and service for every family

Miele Center Pullhöpe at 1130 Vienna Hietzing: quality and service for every family

1982 was a special year: Italy became world football champions, Krajewski and Bollhope Gesembe were chancellor of Austria. was established.

When managing director Jacob Bowling remembers the early days of his company, a kind of nostalgia is expressed. When Ober St. Veit still looked like a village and people had to drive to the city center for larger errands. When televisions were still partly black and white and quarter phones were common, small stores like his were still local suppliers who maintained a family relationship with their customers.

Many years have passed since then, 42 years to be precise, and the little shop on Ober St. Veit is now a developed center in Mili. Many small local suppliers no longer exist. New technologies such as the Internet or large retail chains have replaced them. Only those who move with the times survive – like the Millie Bollhub Centre. At the beginning of 2017, the company was extensively rebuilt and renovated and was able to remain a local supplier thanks to the tireless efforts and perseverance of owner Bolling.

“What we want and can offer our customers is for them to get the best advice and the fairest offers in their area of ​​residence, without having to drive to large shopping centers or browse the Internet, as is common today.”

Quality then and now

As one of the last specialized electrical appliance stores in Vienna, Miele Center Pullhöpe offers a good selection of Miele appliances. Customers can not only take a look at the devices but also try out the desired product. The showroom contains more than 100 of the latest Miele devices in trendy colours.

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To this day, Pulling still works every day, knows his clients by name and passionately gives them advice. Times may have changed and technologies may have become more modern, but the closeness to customers and the family atmosphere have remained the same. Just like the quality and longevity of Miele appliances. These are the strengths that customers value today more than ever.

Milli Ballhub Centre
Ohofstrasse 113-115
1130 Vienna
Tel: 01/8772022
Email: [email protected]