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Migrants gather at the Mexico-US border

Migrants gather at the Mexico-US border

Thousands of people are flocking to the U.S. after restrictions are eased along the Mexico-U.S. border. US border officials in the border city of El Paso yesterday urged hundreds of migrants who had already entered the city to surrender to authorities.

People are waiting for this provision, known as Title 42, to expire. The rule, introduced by former President Donald Trump, allowed U.S. officials to quickly deport immigrants from Mexico or other countries who are unable to claim asylum. The lockdown, based on the coronavirus pandemic, ends at midnight tomorrow.

In Matamoros, Mexico, people were buying life jackets to cross the Rio Grande to Brownsville, Texas, human rights activist Gladys Canas said. Migrants have been lining up at the US border since Monday in Tijuana, San Diego, California. Cross-border smuggling has increased in recent weeks.

More and more immigrants are arriving in the United States hoping to apply for asylum. A senior U.S. border official said last month that they are preparing for 10,000 asylum seekers a day after Title 42 passes.

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