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Migrants in Belarus insist on opening EU borders

Even after about two weeks at the border with Poland, thousands of refugees in Belarus are insisting on opening up to the European Union. Many Iraqis and Syrians wanted to stay until the European Union would let them in, several Iraqis and Syrians told a German news agency (dpa) reporter in emergency housing in a warehouse in Brusje. The border point there is closed with concrete barriers and barbed wire.

In front of the emergency shelter, helpers continue to provide people with food and medical assistance. Poor health conditions. The civil defense also strengthened fire protection.

In front of the converted logistics center, the Secretary-General of the Belarusian Red Cross, Dmitry Shevtsov, said that people will receive everything they need. According to estimates, there are still about 2,000 people who refuse to return home and want to go to Germany, Belgium and other EU countries. They are guarded by armed men in uniform and cannot leave the building.

Lukashenko: “Fashion”

The European Union accuses Belarus Governor Alexander Lukashenko of organizing migrants from crisis regions to the bloc’s external borders in order to put pressure on the West. People from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan entered Belarus on tourist visas.

Lukashenko compared the Polish security forces to “fascists” in an interview with the BBC. He said they also violated the Belarusian state border using water cannons and tear gas. Lukashenko claimed that chemicals were used that would destroy “cockroaches”.