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Military Exercises – US and Germany plan major maneuvers with allies

The Bundeswehr is involved in planned major maneuvers with the US and other countries. (Photo Coalition / dpa / Christian Charizius)

Training starts on 22nd April. Among other things, the maneuver was intended to demonstrate the ability to quickly move combat-ready troops and equipment “to provide security to allies and deter potential threats to peace in Europe.” The equipment arrived in Spain this week and is now being transferred to other locations. About 7,000 pieces of equipment were shipped to Europe.

In June, the Bundeswehr, along with other NATO countries and allies, is also planning an air force exercise. It will be held mainly in Germany from June 12 to 23. The exercise involves 220 aircraft from 24 countries.

According to the Bundeswehr, the main locations for the training are the airfields in Schleswig-Holstein, Hohn (both in Schleswig-Holstein), Wunsdorf (Lower Saxony) and Lechfeld (Bavaria). In these areas, residents should expect significantly more take-offs and landings than usual. Laage (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania), Spangdahlem (Rhineland-Palatinate), Volkel (Netherlands) and Čáslav (Czech Republic) are also involved.

This news was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on 04/06/2023.

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