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Millions of hotel room doors can be hacked using a cell phone

Millions of hotel room doors can be hacked using a cell phone

Hackers faced a security breach affecting millions of doors in thousands of buildings.

Hackers have huge Security breach It is found in the widely used key card system. Therefore, attackers need Access to only one cardTo generate a master key for all the locks in the house. The locking system is affected Savlok from Dormakabawhich is most common in Hotels Uses. Vulnerability concerns 3 million doors in 16,000 buildingsas it is called.

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As the hackers described in a detailed article, access to an expired card is enough. In hotels, one of these items can come out of the box Exit self stolen.

A cell phone is enough

To carry out the attack you need a device Mifare Classiccards It can be simulated or described. That could be a Zero pinball It is, but it is also enough Android phone with NFC technology.

Hackers point this out Systems other than SAFLOK You will not be affected, even if you are using Mifare Classic cards. However, these NFC cards are not recommended for use in security-sensitive areas.

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Deadbolt offers no protection

Most hotel room lock systems are equipped so that a tampered card can also be used Door latch (“Deadbolt”) can be opened. This introduces the relevant population No protection. just one Door seriesif present, can stop hackers with a tampered card.

Hackers already have the vulnerability 2022 Revealed and informed Dormakapa. A patch has also been developed, but only so far 36 percent Affected locks have been updated or replaced. It is not clear from the outside whether the lock in question is still vulnerable to attack or not.

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Key card verification

However, if the Saflok system with NFC-type cards Mifare light c The hackers wrote that the system has most likely been upgraded and is no longer vulnerable to attack. To check the NFC tag type, you can use NXP's NFC Taginfo app, available for Android And internal control Department available.

The hackers have not yet published any details about this method. There is, too No evidence The vulnerability is being used in practice by criminals. In one In a statement to Techspot, Dormakaba explains that they are working with customers to bridge the gap.