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Minecraft finally gets a PS5 version

Minecraft finally gets a PS5 version

What's worth the wait. It sounds corny, but in this case it's true, because Minecraft has finally arrived on the Playstation 5 as a native version to play, and you obviously need a PS5 and PS4 version of Minecraft. The game starts and you can access the PS5 version by going to Settings and then clicking Preview.

Why so complicated? The preview build is essentially a beta, but we're at least one step closer to the full PS5 version of Minecraft. The preview may contain bugs and errors and the Minecraft Store cannot be accessed. After all: The preview contains the new Tricky Trials update.

Meanwhile, Mojang's ultimate goal is to have a genuine PS5 version without having to tinker with it as is the case now. The version is also optimized for PS5.

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Minecraft: PS5 and cross-play

You're also limited in who you can play with in multiplayer mode – cross-play is only available to friends playing on PS4 and PS5 consoles, though Realms is still available to play with friends on other devices.

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