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Missing Rebecca Roche: A witness reported a suspicious observation of a manhole cover

Missing Rebecca Roche: A witness reported a suspicious observation of a manhole cover

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There may be a new lead in the Rebecca Roche case. A manhole cover could be linked to the teen's disappearance.

BERLIN – In February 2019, the 15-year-old disappeared Rebecca Roche Without leaving a trace. Her brother-in-law was a suspect, but there was no concrete evidence. He was home alone with Rebecca at the time of Rebecca's disappearance. After five years of investigation, police and prosecutors still believe she is dead, but the family has not given up hope. Now there may be two new pieces of evidence in the case.

Witness statement about the manhole cover: Is it related to Rebecca's disappearance?

A new approach involves a manhole cover. One witness said she noticed a tent over an open manhole cover at the edge of a field in Großziehen (Dahme-Spreewald) on the day Rebecca disappeared. She was walking her dog at the time. Reports about this picture-Newspaper.

According to the witness, there was a pink Renault Twingo next to it, the same car Rebecca's brother-in-law was driving at the time. According to her statement, she called the police after she saw that witnesses were called and also informed them picture-Newspaper about her. However, as she explained, officers did not contact her until weeks later and then “gagged” her. These are their claims.

These are not the first allegations that the investigating authorities in Berlin have had to deal with in the Rebecca Rösch case. Just a few weeks ago, an insider told us IPPEN.MEDIA Of contradictions.

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What did the police miss in Rebecca's disappearance? The 15-year-old disappeared five years ago. © Private/Imago (montage)

Rebecca Roche case: Who opened the drain?

Now that information about the groove is public, there is a lot of hype picture-Witnesses have exposed someone about this. It seems questionable how the person knew the exact location of the drain, because according to the paper, the exact location was not mentioned in the relevant chats.

According to the newspaper, which inspected the storm drain on Wednesday (June 19, 2024) and Thursday, someone outside of routine inspections had tampered with it in the meantime.

Rebecca's family believes in her brother-in-law's innocence

According to media reports, information regarding the groove is said to have spread in several chats in which Rebecca's relatives are also said to be active. The police have not yet wanted to provide any information about the new information; The status of the investigation remains unchanged.

The husband's brother-in-law is currently the only suspect in the case. However, the presumption of innocence still applies to him. However, Rebecca's family does not believe he had anything to do with the disappearance. “As long as we don't know it 100% [er] Brigitte Roche confirmed in 2023: “If there is anything to do with Pechey’s disappearance, we are entitled to the presumption of innocence.” picture. (KJSC)