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Mobility: GR Appler wants charging stations for e-cars in apartment buildings

Mobility: GR Appler wants charging stations for e-cars in apartment buildings

VP Club president Christoph Abler wants to start an initiative to charge for connections in apartment buildings. For people who live for rent, private purchase of charging infrastructure is not possible. Appler doesn’t believe in a car-free city.

Innsbruck. “Especially for people who rent their homes, buying a private electronic charging station in an underground communal car park is not that easy or often not at all possible. There will never be a car-free city, but individual transportation will change dramatically, and it will be Quieter and also emission-free thanks to the eco drives,” said club president Christoph Abler. That’s why he wants to start an initiative that in apartment buildings there will be more connectivity options for electronic vehicles being installed. Appler points to a study by a Vienna Garage Management software developer, which states that 78 percent of long-term hikers want to charge their e-car in their own parking space. Appler sees the switch to e-cars as a switch in favor of climate protection, and in order to speed this up, it is necessary to significantly expand the charging infrastructure. Therefore, Appler would like to talk to real estate developers such as Neue Heimat Tirol and TIGEWOSI, but also to IKB and TIWAG, as well as to the city and state, to introduce these important “players” so that “the initial spark for this cyber charging attack can be quickly generated. It can be tested,” as Abler says.

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