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Monster Hunter Wilds: Update: The leak during the release window is fake

Monster Hunter Wilds: Update: The leak during the release window is fake

Capcom has yet to set a release date for its ambitious Monster Hunter Wilds game, but one popular insider is already pretty sure it has!

Update: The leak about the release period is fake (03/29/24 – 11:23 PM)

The leak was clearly fake during the supposed release window for Monster Hunter Wilds. Accordingly, it is a fake, and the Dusk Golem has fallen victim to it to some extent.

The relevant information did not come from Capcom's trusted leaker, as Dusk Golem explained in a statement via social media. The supposed screenshots from his Discord server were fake.

Fixed release duration? Insider: Even GTA 6 doesn't cause procrastination! (03/29/24 – 7:21 PM)

With Monster Hunter Wilds, Capcom is currently working on releasing a successor to Monster Hunter World – which is, after all, the best-selling game in the company's history. The new sequel, which was presented at The Game Awards in December, aims to be more ambitious.

So far, Capcom has only given a general estimate of 2025 as the target year for release, but hasn't specified anything in more detail. According to the popular and highly reliable Capcom website Dusk Golem, the release period has already been largely determined. According to this, Monster Hunter Wilds should cause a lot of buzz in the first quarter of 2025.

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The game's development is progressing so well that it could conceivably be released in a similar time window to Dragon's Dogma 2 this year – in March. The insider is so confident and convinced that he said: “I don't even think GTA 6 can make them postpone it.”

Rockstar Games' GTA 6 is reportedly scheduled for release in the spring of 2025, but not quite in the first quarter. However, it is possible that the action epic will be released in a similar timeline if there is no delay, something that has become the subject of some speculation recently.

Separate from the release period Dusk Golem Some additional information about Monster Hunter Wilds from the stack. The game has been in the works since 2019 – so for six years. It should be Capcom's biggest game ever and not just the most comprehensive Monster Hunter game yet. In short: the ambitions are very high! Especially since Monster Hunter Wilds is also supposed to be based on a completely open game world and is generally more experimental than World or Rise. The gamemaster should be given all the freedom when it comes to the wilds, so we can definitely expect some new features and innovations.

Monster Hunter Wilds is currently in the works on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series

Monster Hunter Wilds – Monster Hunter Trailer Revealed

A new Monster Hunter is coming in 2025 and this clip offers the first sneak peek.