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Moon rocket on launch pad: Countdown will start soon

Moon rocket on launch pad: Countdown will start soon

The giant moon rocket took about 10 hours to reach the launch pad. Now grandma is in place Space Launch System (SLS) included Orion spaceship Ready and waiting for the next steps from Artemis I . mission.

The NASA aims to launch In the August 29 on me. far 2:33 pm (CEST) There is a two-hour time window during which the giant rocket could start on this day. subordinate 2. And the September 5 Possible alternative dates are provided.

A missile with a height of about 100 meters

subordinate countdown Exactly to the first launch of the SLS missile begins 46 hours 40 minutes before the planned launch. From that point on, the final preparations begin like this Refueling from the car and Final examswhich are necessary to start the release.

The SLS rocket with the Orion spacecraft in a Block 1 configuration is 98 meters I will start 2500 tons to weigh. The heavy missile payload is in low orbit 130 tons. For a flight to the Moon, the payload capacity of the launcher is present 26 tons.

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Artemis I . mission

The Artemis I mission is limited to a total duration of 26 days It was created and provides an unmanned flight to the moon. Supposed to be the Orion spacecraft Several days in orbit around the moon spend thus The surface of the moon reach to 97 km Approaching.

Then the spaceship becomes more round with the help of the gravity of the moon 64,000 km penetrate deeper into space. This should break the record set by the Apollo 13 mission. Orion will then be the spacecraft designed to transport humans farther from the earth she has.

A quick overview of the Artemis I . mission

Moon landing craft and people on the moon

In addition, the mission envisions that in the journey to and around the moon several times CubeSats exposed, which should orbit the moon. too small Unmanned moon landing craft It must be used.

If all goes according to plan, in 3 years 4 astronauts were brought into lunar orbit by spacecraft, 2 of them were then transferred to a lander and Earth on the Moon Should.