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More dynamics and efficiency with the Honda Civic e: HEV

More dynamics and efficiency with the Honda Civic e: HEV

With the eleventh generation Honda Civic, the future belongs to the all-hybrid gasoline engine.

Two petrol engines and one diesel engine were on offer until the current generation of the long-range compact Civic. But as with the HR-V, the 11th Civic (available in Austria from the fall, can be ordered now) only gets one engine. The abbreviation for this is e:HEV and means that much of the driving can be completed electrically with an almost constantly recovering motor. The new 2-liter gasoline engine with direct injection (143 hp / 186 Nm) was combined with two electric motors (184 hp / 315 Nm). The system automatically switches between electric, hybrid and engine drive modes.

More performance with less consumption

It is noteworthy that the new engines provide not only more power, thanks to improvements in stiffness, more agility, but also significantly lower consumption thanks to electrification. Specified by Honda in the WLTP mix as 4.7l/100km (108gCO2/km), this was exactly that value on a 160km test lap north of Madrid in mixed traffic – without particularly considering the economy for respect. Energy recovery in all driving modes when braking or skidding pays off all the time. What has improved greatly over the HR-V with the e:HEV system is noise isolation.

The acceleration in the Civic is no longer high. However, if you do not want to do without the sound with an efficient engine, you can hear it in sports mode using Active Sound Control.

Coupe-like lines and special cornering control in e:HEV

Cornering control, which moves the car in the best position, contributes to the dynamics and driving pleasure – as is the case on winding mountain paths. To save weight, the hood is made of aluminum instead of steel and weighs 43 percent less. Likewise, the plastic tailgate has been reduced in size, contributing 20 percent. Coupe-like lines also distinguish the new Civic, which is slightly longer (31 mm, wheelbase plus 35) and lower (less than seven millimeters) than its predecessor and offers more space, with batteries stowed under the rear seats and still 410 liters of cargo space leave.

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New Honda Civic with improved interiors

Not only from the outside, but also from the inside has become of the highest quality. For the first time, a 10.2-inch full digital display is available in the top configuration, and Apple Car Play and Android Auto are standard. Anyone who doesn’t have enough of eight (standard) speakers can enjoy Bose’s premium system with twelve in the Advance line. The Honda Sensing safety package has been expanded to include other assistants, Traffic Jam Assist with steering assist (keeps the car in a lane from stopping) and adaptive high beam. Many other processors have been improved. The Civic comes to Austria in three configurations: Elegance from 32,790, Sport from 34,390 and Advance from 37,990 euros, with zero or one percent NoVA.