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More than 170 dead in floods in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

More than 170 people have died in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) as a result of torrential rains and floods. “We have killed about 176,” South Kivu Governor Theo Nguabiji said during a visit to the affected area. The number is temporary. “We also have about 100 missing.”

The deputy governor of the region said that several villages in the Calais region, west of Lake Kivu, were flooded when rivers burst their banks after heavy rains. He added that the floods swept away hundreds of homes and “surprised sellers and their customers in the markets.”

MP Vital Mohini of Kalehi told a local radio station that the floods had caused “devastating human and material damage”. He reported about 150 deaths and many missing. 72 people died in Shabundu village, 31 in Boshongo village and 45 in Nyamukobe village.

A member of the rescue team said 68 bodies had been found. The search for the missing persons continues.

127 dead in Rwanda

Just a few days ago, 127 people died after torrential rains in neighboring Rwanda on the other side of Lake Kivu.

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