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MotoGP Live Tigger Austin: Marquez in front wet

7:14 p.m.

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6:39 p.m.

Moto 2 FT1: Raவுl Fernandez finally leads

The session ended with the best time for Rookie Raல்l Fernandez, who finished first in 2: 13.589 minutes on his last flying lap. Bends Snyder is in second place, 0.197 seconds behind. Ramirez is third behind Schrter and Augusto Fernandez.

Dixon leads the second half of the top 10 spots. Behind them are Pupier, Arbolino, Zyharin and Kenneth. World Championship President Gardner lost the top 10 in the eleventh. He is 0.932 seconds behind. Navarro came out 22nd with a late defect.

6:23 p.m.

Moto 2 FT1: Large gaps

Ramirez and Siahrin can make the best use of the slips currently on the drying track. They are one and a half seconds ahead of other departments in the rankings. Sandra fought until the third, Roberts until the fourth.

6:17 p.m.

Moto 2 FT1: More drivers are switching

Roberts was initially ranked 19th, but has the potential to improve significantly. More and more drivers are now being converted to a dry system. Current fold times do not last long. Sandra is currently ahead with 2: 20.285 minutes. Ramirez and Lowes follow.

6:10 p.m.

Moto 2 FT1: Active Pieces

Roberts was the first rider to try Slix. He had been waiting in the pits so far, not making a single fold yet. Schrter also returned to the pits after two rounds, waiting for it to dry enough.

6:04 p.m.

Moto 2 FT1: Already fall

Navarro started the session with a fall, while the other riders slowly shot themselves in the track. There is a lot of movement in the classification and conditions are getting better and better. Arbolino currently has a 2: 27.218 minute lead over Pesci and local hero Pueblo.

5:55 p.m.

Moto 2 FT1: Mansi is not allowed to participate

Ahead of the first Moto 2 training session, race management announces that Mansi will not be allowed to go off the track this Friday. The reason: He entered the Supersport World Championships in Jerusalem last weekend unbeknownst to FIM officials. He also exceeded the valid 7-day limit for trials.

5:46 p.m.

MotoGP FT1: Yamaha loses moisture

My training ended in twelfth place behind Marini and in front of Petrucci. Aprilia Lone Fighter Alex Espergo finished 14th. Yamaha lags far behind: Quartaro is only 15th. His brand colleagues Morpitelli, Rosie and Tovicioso are ranked 17th, 20th and 21st.

5:43 p.m.

MotoGP FT1: Marquez in front of two Ducati

Mark Marquez leads in 2: 15.872 minutes. Miller was finally able to improve, but he was still 0.167 seconds short of the best time. Sarco is a strong third. The Frenchman recently underwent hand pump surgery.

Fourth, Oliveira sends the KTM identity of life. Along with Paul Espercaro and Alex Marquez, the two Honda drivers are in fifth and sixth place, respectively. Rins, Bagnaia, Binder and Lecuona are in the top 10. We see a late fall in Nagakami.

5:36 p.m.

MotoGP FT1: In front of Marquez

Mark Marquez went first in 2:16 minutes, thus taking the lead. Everyone is trying to improve again now. Miller and Olivera are second and third, respectively. Rins can be upgraded to fourth.

5:25 p.m.

MotoGP FT1: Intermediate results

Many drivers are currently in the pits. Current order: Miller, Marc Marquez, Oliveira, Paul Espergo, Sarko, Mir, Pagania, Marini, Quartarro, Alex Espergo.

Rose has now reached the final, beating Alex Marquez. There are 15 minutes left for this exercise.