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Mozilla Firefox 97.0.1 released

Mozilla Firefox 97.0.1 released

Mozilla has released an out-of-demand update for its desktop browser with Firefox 97.0.1.

Download Mozilla Firefox 97.0.1

With the update to Firefox 97.0.1, Mozilla is blocking the current version of the DLL file injected by the WebRoot SecureAnywhere security software on Windows, as this could make Firefox completely unusable. WebRoot will fix the problem in a future update of its security software.

Mozilla also fixed a bug that incorrectly caused the Firefox startup screen to appear for some users with session recovery disabled, indicating that Firefox cannot recover tabs.

Also fixed a bug that caused the Hulu video platform to fail to activate Picture in Picture mode and pause the video instead. Another issue fixed with the TikTok video platform is that videos that must be opened from a user’s profile page cannot be opened.

Finally, the cause of the crash that only affected Windows 7 has been fixed, as well as another cause of the crash that only affected Linux.

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