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Mozilla Firefox releases 111 for Android

Mozilla Firefox releases 111 for Android

Mozilla Firefox has released 111 for Android. This article describes the new features in Firefox 111 for Android.

Mozilla Firefox has released 111 for Android. The exact version number is Firefox 111.1.0.

Download Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store

Firefox for Android can now view PDF files

With Firefox 111, it is possible for the first time to view PDF files directly in the browser. External application is no longer necessary.

is the basis of this pdf. jsa PDF viewer developed by Mozilla exclusively with web technology, which has been used in Firefox for Windows, macOS, and Linux for many years to view PDFs, fill out PDF forms, and even now add text and graphics there on PDFs.

With full cookie protection, cookies for each domain are stored in a separate cookie container – this is intended to make cross-site tracking via cookies more difficult. For Windows, macOS, and Linux, this data protection improvement has been activated by default for all users since Firefox 103. The Android launch was originally planned earlier, but with Firefox 111, the standard version for Android is finally rolling out.

Other new features of Firefox 111 for Android

The search function for saved access data now also searches usernames and no longer just domains.

Google Pixel device users running Android 12 or higher can now copy and share links from the currently opened apps screen.

For security reasons, you must now confirm opening a link in an external app. Firefox 112 will give the user an option to configure the behavior.

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To prioritize the process, Firefox now considers whether form fields are populated in a tab, so that Android does not automatically terminate processes for these tabs due to resource reasons. Also, WebGL now runs in a separate process.

Sponsored content is now also active in Pocket Recommendations (not a feature in the German version).

In addition, as always, there are new platform features for the existing GeckoView engine, various bug fixes, closed vulnerabilities As well as improvements under the hood.